Resume Tips

Renown Resume TipsRenown Health attracts top-tier professionals across a number of disciplines. Your decision to join an organization that is at the forefront of skill, expertise, and technology also means that you’re opening yourself to enormous opportunity throughout our health system. To get you closer to the start of a new career, we offer these tips for creating a resume that allows your best attributes to shine.

  • Be succinct and include the following: your name and contact information; career or professional objective; related experience, knowledge, abilities, education and honors received; and participation in activities within your field
  • Describe the medical equipment and computer software you have used
  • List your licenses and certificates, plus your educational achievements, specific degrees and the dates they were received
  • Mention the foreign languages that you speak or understand
  • For your job history, list employers’ names, positions held, start and end dates, plus specific job duties
  • Use an inviting and effective format, and a common and easy-on-the-eyes font and type size; if you are sending your resume by mail, printing on professional bond paper helps to create a lasting impression
  • If you left a job due to a merger, mass-layoff or other type of elimination out of your control, be sure to say so
  • Indicate on the last line: ‘References available upon request’ and then prepare that separate reference sheet and bring copies to the interview, too

Cover Letter
This element is always a good and impressive accompaniment with your resume. It is the place to include a brief description of your job interests, the hours you prefer, salary expectations and other details not included in your resume, but still relevant to the position you seek.